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Founded in April 1999, e-City Solutions Inc. is an Internet Technology Solutions Provider, involved in the development, provisioning and support of unique Internet solutions.

Constantly expanding our portfolio of services, we seek out market opportunities in areas, which require the creation of new or enhancements to existing technology, whereby the introduction of these technologies serve to both enrich, simplify and secure the online experience.

We work with foundational principles:

1) QUALITY should be high quality, appealing and business essential 2) MESSAGES should be clear, compelling and consistent 3) EFFORTS should be integrated with each other across all platforms 4) RESULTS should be measured wherever possible

Vision... Collaboration... Results!

Utilizing leading-edge technology
e-City Solutions develops new and powerful Internet based applications that compliment the infrastructure of today's services and networks.
Research and Development
We take pride in researching the IT challenges faced by today's businesses. Our teams focus is developing applications that support and enhance your business.

what we offer

Online Fraud and Registration Security
Fraud Cloud is our flagship security product, protecting businesses from online credit card fraud. Servicing all levels of online e-Commerce systems, e-City empowers your business with the tools and insite required to make decisions. Other products, such as Real Signup, protect your business from fake registration and signup submissions.

GEOgraphical IP Detection and Store Locator
Since 2000, FoundU has been a leader in GEO IP Detection. Designed as a key business tool for online content targeting, your business can protect and display content specific to a users geographical region. The Store Locator Service is another service designed to help your customers find you easily.

CRM and Data Cleansing
It is critical for businesses to streamline process and have accurate data. GO-Postal and GetZiped are tools used to reduce user input and cleans postal mailing list, ensuring items like region; city; state and country are accurate.

Power Tools for Business
e-City has developed a great number of web applications designed to enhance your business. From Turbo Brochures (Dynamic Online Flip Brochures) to Web Page Alerts (Alerting on Webpage Change), we design and build services to enhance your business.

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