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Fraud Cloud Through our unique scoring system, Fraud Cloud empowers you to make the right decision about your online credit card transactions. Several criteria are sectioned, calculated against our proprietary algorithms, rated and then scored to provide your business with the knowledge required to detect and prevent online credit card fraud Go to site
FoundU Enhancing the online experience for the individual requires you to have knowledge about that individual. With the FoundU Content Targeting System, you now have a powerful tool that allows your personal or business web site to identify in real-time, the geographic location of each visitor. Go to site
Store Locator Service The Store Locator Service (4Locations.com) is very easy to use, for both you and your customers. With automatic location detection (from FoundU detection services), your site visitors receive a list of the locations nearest to them... and can narrow the search even more by entering their zip/postal code. Go to site
EZ-Verify Protect your website from automated form submissions (aka/ bots), with EZ-Verify's free image verification service. Our service provides simple to use XML web services to provide image based verification for your website forms. Go to site
GO-Postal go-Postal.ca is simple to use, with XML responses that are easy to integrate into any application and/or service. As an added feature, both US (zip codes) and CA (postal codes) support is provided at no extra cost. Go to site
GetZiped getZiped.com is specifically designed to assist companies with zip and/or postal code lookup services. The Zip Code Lookup Service identifies the country, state/province, city, latitude and longitude for a zip/postal code. Compared to competative services, getZiped.com provides a cost effective lookup service by eliminating street name delivery. Go to site
GEO Link Systems GEO Link Systems are designed to provide enhanced geographical based data services. Full XML/Soap based webservices provide fast and detailed data feeds. Go to site
Site Balance Never miss a website hit again! All you need are two or more Web servers running your Website. Your website (servers) do not have to be hosted with e-City. Go to site